We believe that the best architecture should be able to connect the building itself with people who live inside, as well as the environment and its neighborhood, and strike a perfect balance between all these elements.


We keep the old cracked façade as a memorial of the past and it tells the stories of the period under the Japanese rule.

Inside the wall, you would see the iron stair winding up, which provides you a different view of Kuchan Market and allows us to have a glimpse and an experience of the once prosperous area.


In the past, the entrance and the 1st floor were prevailed with happiness. Now we have renovated it as a lobby and an information desk to greet travelers and provide supports.


A space for everyone to savor travelling experience while having a coffee or read a book, enjoying the laid-back atmosphere here.


We decorate the space in the same way as it was and keep the old-time atmosphere, for you to experience the warmth.