3080s Apartment

Serviced Apartment



We provide accomodation for long-term stays over 30-days, to encourage our guests to be fully immersed in the Yancheng lifestyle.


The house, which can be dated back to 1975, was built by the owner’s grandmother as the Zheng-Mei wedding dress store.


It is full of the owner’s childhood memories and you can also feel the atmosphere of the old town Yancheng.


We provide you with the opportunity to experience the local life in Yancheng.


Every room has its unique features and own stories for you to discover when you enjoy your stay here.

Our Rooms


7 room types are available. Please click here for more details.

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A publishing initiative that transforms our in-depth field research over the years into images and words. This is to not only document the past and present of Yancheng, but also re-imagine future possibilities of this community.



Past projects include a lifestyle magazine series, Yancheng’s Daily Life, which delves into every aspect of Yancheng daily life from culinary culture to clothing, living style and traveling habits. The Story of Dagouding Market, chronicles the rich history through lived experiences at Dagouding area. Tipsy Yancheng, is a zine that features the vibrant district with buzzing bars near Qixian Third Road. An Old-fashion Day in Yancheng: Your Living Guidebook, gathers insider local tips to enjoy Yancheng from morning to night time.

Local Community


Marketplace and Commercial Hub




Taking a deep dive into a once forgotten corner of Yancheng old town, exhibition space 3080s Showcase and 3080s Market Stall are experimental projects buried in the marketplace and commercial quarter of Dagouding area.



3080s Showcase, housed in a former men’s tailor shop in the Sinle Market,
was transformed into an exhibition space with regular programming featuring the stories of Yancheng.
Gao Yu Bottom Atelier is currently in residence at the project space and the show window continues to be used for exhibition programming.

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3080s Market Stall, located in the Yancheng First Public Market, has been the launching pad for many regeneration projects by 3080s Local Style since 2017. Advocating for the vision of a transgenerational marketplaces, the Studio recruits young entrepreneurs to take up stalls, while actively preserving the flavor of the traditional market. These efforts have contributed to the robustness of Yancheng First Public Market, which now connects the retail quarters in Dagouding area to formulate a vibrant commercial center with distinctive offers for both day and night.

Special Projects


Kaohsiung Localness




3080s Local Style not only is dedicated to Yancheng but also commits to Kaohsiung as a whole.


We specialize in translating everyday cultures through creativity to uncover local stories and make more of us fall in love with these people and places worthy of wider acknowledgement.


《List of Projects 》

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