House of takao ginza

House of takao ginza

銀座聚場 House of takao ginza




- Exclusive use




The guesthouse accepts bookings for one set of guests at a time. With a maximum capacity of 8 people, we embrace slow living and in-depth exploration of the local cultures. The building of the House of Takao Ginza is over 70 years old. It is the ideal location to savor the one-of-the-kind sense of place and time, unique to this area.


-Kitchen and living Area


Well-illuminated by natural light, the rooftop is designed into a kitchen and a living room specially made for our guests to begin their day with a cup of coffee, a nice book, or perhaps trying out more cooking together with the shopping done locally and then digging in and being inspired by a good conversation.


After darkness falls, we try to entice our guests with a relaxing bath.




A tatami room sits on both the third and fourth floor respectively. Each room can accommodate up to 4 people. With diverse décor and interior arrangement, it offers spaces of different characteristics, from cozy corners when solitude is longed for or platforms ideal for socialization.


As you either sit or lay down on the tatami, what fills your eyes is a distinctive view of the neighboring properties through the cypress-framed window. Or perhaps take a stroll down the air corridor, to experience the architectural features unique to a mixture of residential and commercial uses.

Easter eggs by design


For the restoration of the House of Takao Ginza, 3080s Local Style collaborated with urban design firm Atelier Let’s which specializes in weaving the local context into their spatial design. We not only preserved the elements from the original classical interior, such as the pink basin from the former apprentice dormitory of a beauty salon, the large cypress-framed windows and the hand-painted signage, but also restored deteriorated items like the fluorescent tube lights in the communal hallway to recreate an authentic ambience.


Highlighting the historical particularity of the building, our team also infused new life into the old-school theme by mixing and matching different materials. For instance, indigo-dyed fabrics and ratten items were specially selected to pay homage to Yancheng’s historic industrial settlements as well as the legacy of the building as a former qipao dressmaking atelier.




House of takao ginza

In addition to a guesthouse, the House of Takao Ginza operates a coffeehouse on the first and second floor. Ideal for a drink and a bite, it also organizes exhibitions and talks, allowing more people to mingle to infuse new imaginations to this old place.

1:00PM – 7:00PM